Blogging: A lot of a LIttle or a Little of a lot

There are two ways to write a blog. You can do it a lot of a little style (Scott Alexander) or a little of a lot style (Tyler Cowen). At the moment, I am trying to do it a medium amount for a medium amount and utterly failing.

I get caught between writing an idea and writing a complete argument. An idea floats by itself in relation to other ideas, a complete argument bundles ideas together such that they can't easily be unpacked. I write incomplete arguments that I expect to complete over time in future posts. The problem is, I put so much time into each incomplete argument that I neither get the value of completing the entire argument nor the value of outputting many small ideas on paper.

Moving forward, this blog is going to become a lot more of a little. I will post more frequently but with less effort. They say that if you're falling to accomplish what you set out to do, break down the project into more manageable pieces. That's what I'll do.

This way not only lends itself to my skillset because I'm a terrible editor but also compliments the fractionated nature of my time. I am interrupted frequently when I try to write, and the intermittent process comes through in the final product. I zoom in and out of a post, losing my train of thought, and it's not only personally frustrating but it's also a broken method.

I will revise the style of this blog to fit better with more frequent, less effort posts. I will also transition my monthly links posts into posts of their own. This should also make them more timely.

It will be better this way.

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